Consultants at the London Cardiac Partnership are registered with all major health insurance companies.

If you have any questions regarding insurance matters, fees or payment, our Practice Manager, Janet Guidal is on hand to help – please call 020 7780 2600 or email

If you have private medical insurance, you should normally contact your insurance company prior to your appointment in order to obtain a pre-authorisation code. Please note that, although we will invoice the insurance company directly on your behalf, the ultimate responsibility for payment lies with you and you are responsible for any shortfall in the unlikely event that your insurance company fails to cover the full amount. Please note that prior to all subsequent investigations and consultations you will need to contact your insurance company for confirmation of your entitlement to benefit. If you do not have private medical insurance you will be responsible for all costs incurred as a self-funding patient – please contact us for information as to fees. Quotations of estimated costs can be given on request.